tickling heart

Tickling Heart

She thought she was their joy , Their reason to enjoy, Protected by warmth , Never let alarmed . Slowly did she grew, Feeling the surrounding so new

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परिवार से सब का शुभारंभ होती है न ? परिवार हमारी सब कुछ होती है न ? परिवार ही नमूना है न ? परिवार में ख़ुशी, प्यार, दया

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Rain, Rain come to us, and fall on the ground; Go inside the soil, To water the green nature Rain, Rain come to us, tumble down the mountains

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My Teacher

My teacher

My teacher is a lantern that burns herself and provides me the light. She takes care of me, as if I am her son. She gives me confidence,

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Everything Mom

Everything Mom

How did you find energy, Mom? To do all the things you did. To be a teacher, nurse, and counselor. To me, when I was a kid. How did you do it all Mom.

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भारत एक बहुत सुन्दर और पारम्परिक देश हैं। भारत को इण्डिया तथा हिन्दुस्थान के नामों से भी जाना जथा हैं।

poverty in india

Poverty in India

Poverty is one of the main issues attracting the attention of sociologists and economists.Though India boasts of high economic growth, it is shameful that there is still large scale poverty in India.

brave girl of stockholm

Brave girl of stockholm

Greta Thunberg, is an environmental activist of 16 years old who first became known as an activist in August 2018 when she was visible outside the Swedish Parliament to divert the attention of people and leaders towards increasing global warming.